August Holidays, Special Days, and Observances.

The month of August is full of great reasons to celebrate life moments with those we care about.

  • August 1st is National Girlfriends Day
  • August 1st is Colorado Day (Colorado)
  • August 2nd is International Beer Day
  • August 2nd is International Forgiveness Day
  • August 2nd is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  • August 3rd is Tom Brady's Birthday
  • August 3rd is National Watermelon Day
  • August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • August 4th is Sisters Day
  • August 4th is Friendship Day
  • August 4th is Coast Guard Birthday
  • August 5th is National Oyster Day
  • August 6th is Wiggle Your Toes Day
  • August 7th is National Lighthouse Day
  • August 7th is Purple Heart Day
  • August 9th is World Indigenous Peoples' Day
  • August 9th is Book Lover's Day
  • August 10th is National S'mores Day
  • August 11th is Son and Daughter Day
  • August 11th is Tisha B'Av
  • August 11th is Eid al-Adha
  • August 12th is Middle Child's Day
  • August 12th is International Youth Day
  • August 12th is Victory Day (Rhode Island)
  • August 14th is National Creamsicle Day
  • August 14th is Raksha Bandhan
  • August 15th is Assumption of Mary
  • August 16th is Statehood Day (Hawaii)
  • August 16th is Bennington Battle Day (Vermont)
  • August 17th is National Honey Bee Awareness Day
  • August 19th is World Humanitarian Day
  • August 19th is National Aviation Day
  • August 19th is National Potato Day
  • August 20th is National Radio Day
  • August 20th is National Lemonade Day
  • August 21st is Senior Citizens Day
  • August 22nd is Be an Angel Day
  • August 23rd is Janmashtami
  • August 23rd World Day for Slave Trade Abolition
  • August 25th is National Banana Split Day
  • August 26th is Women's Equality Day
  • August 26th is National Dog Day
  • August 27th is Lyndon Baines Johnson Day (Texas)
  • August 29th is International Day against Nuclear Tests
  • August 30th is World Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearance
  • August 30th is National Beach Day
  • August 30th is Frankenstein Day
  • August 30th is Toasted Marshmallow Day
  • August 31st is International Bacon Day
  • August 31st is Muharram
  • August 31st is National Trail Mix Day
  • August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day
Enjoy celebrating the entire month of August!
  • Family Fun Month
  • National Eye Exam Month
  • National Golf Month
  • Peach Month

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