Welcome to the month of February. This month is packed full of great reason to plan parties and celebrate life. Make it a great month. We can help you find reason to party as well as find all you need for parties.



  • February is the second and shortest month of the year with 28 days in common years and 29 days in leap years, with the quadrennial 29th day being called the leap day. February is in the Winter season.

February Birthstone

  • Amethyst – a Precious-Gemstone that’s a violet variety of quartz that comes in purple colors.

February Flowers

  • Violet

February Zodiac Sign

  • Aquarius – those born from February 1st to February 18th.
  • Pisces – people born February 19th to February 28th/29th.

February Holidays, Special Days, and Observances.

The month of February is full of great reasons to celebrate life moments with those we care about.

  • February 1st is National Freedom Day
  • February 1st is Bubble Gum Day
  • February 1st is National Wear Red Day
  • February 1st is National Freedom Day
  • February 1st is National Dark Chocolate Day
  • February 2nd is National Tater Tot Day
  • February 2nd is World Wetlands Day
  • February 2nd is Groundhog Day
  • February 2nd is Super Bowl
  • February 3rd is National Carrot Cake Day
  • February 3rd is The Day the Music Died (Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash in 1959.)
  • February 4th is World Cancer Day
  • February 4th is Rosa Parks Day (California, Missouri)
  • February 4th is Stuffed Mushroom Day
  • February 5th is Chinese New Year
  • February 5th is National Weatherman’s Day
  • February 5th is National Chocolate Fondue Day
  • February 5th is National Signing Day
  • February 6th is Bob Marley’s Birthday
  • February 6th is International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation
  • February 7th is National Wear Red Day
  • February 7th is National Fettuccine Alfredo Day
  • February 8th is Kite Flying Day
  • February 9th is National Pizza Day
  • February 10th is Umbrella Day
  • February 11th is International Day of Women and Girls in Science
  • February 11th is World Day of the Sick
  • February 11th is Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day
  • February 11th is National Inventors Day
  • February 12th is Lincoln’s Birthday
  • February 13th is National Tortellini Day
  • February 13th is World Radio Day
  • February 14th is Valentine’s Day
  • February 14th is Statehood Day (Arizona)
  • February 14th is Ferris Wheel Day
  • February 14th is National Organ Donor Day
  • February 15th is National Gum Drop Day
  • February 15th is Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday
  • February 16th is Elizabeth Peratrovich Day (Alaska)
  • February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • February 18th is Presidents’ Day (Most regions)
  • February 18th is Daisy Gatson Bates Day (Arkansas)
  • February 18th is National Drink Wine Day
  • February 19th is National Chocolate Mint Day
  • February 20th is National Muffin Day
  • February 20th is Cherry Pie Day
  • February 20th is Love Your Pet Day
  • February 20th is World Day of Social Justice
  • February 21st is International Mother Language Day
  • February 22nd is Be Humble Day
  • February 22nd is International World Thinking Day
  • February 22nd is National Margarita Day
  • February 24th is National Tortilla Chip Day
  • February 25th is National Clam Chowder Day
  • February 26th is National Pistachio Day
  • February 26th is Tell a Fairy Tale Day
  • February 28th is National Chili Day
  • February 28th is Linus Pauling Day (Oregon)
Enjoy celebrating the entire month of February!
  • American Heart Month
  • Black History Month
  • Dog Training Education Month
  • National Cat Health Month
  • National Cherry Month
  • National Hot Breakfast Month
  • Responsible Pet Owners Month

Happy February

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